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Software development

In SquareetLabs we understand that tailor-made software development is essential to optimize resources and save time that turns into increasing profits for your business.

Our software development department in A Coruña is at the forefront on backend and API development for mobile management apps and advanced solutions of tailor-made software.

Custom management software

From the last seven years we have developed several tailor-made distintos management applications that have optimized the workflows of our customers, facilitating and allowing them to grow and compete among peers with companies that multiplied their annual expansion and client acquisition budget by 1000.

From SquareetLabs we go for agile frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban which allows us to provide deliveries from the first weeks of the development and contain possible problems before they appear, saving costs and times.

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What can we do for you?

If you need a tailor-made software to make your work easier allowing you to grow concentrate only getting clients, take a look at these projects we have developed in the recent years. We believe they are good examples for you to know what we can do for you.

Software de Gestión de Flotas

Aplicación web para la gestión integral de flotas de vehículos.


Software de adjudicación de proyectos solares

Herramienta web para la adjudicación de proyectos de energía solar en Dubai.


Software de gestión de control migratorio

Aplicación web para la gestión integral de los trámites de control migratorio por parte de empresas con proyectos en el extranjero.


Our technologies

As years go by we have been adapting several technologies to best develop each of our software projects, aiming to offer our customers solutions to their needs according their possibilities and goals.

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Many times a company asked us for a solution that seemed impossible and we faced it successfully because we form continuously in order to not be left behind, know how innovate and reach the places that others can't.

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